Now on our way,we can see another beautiful little beach: "La spiaggia del morto" ("The dead's beach", it isn't a nice name,I know! But don't be afraid, you will come back alive!). It can be reached only if you going on foot. It's very difficult take a place in July and August, because there are a lot of people and the beach is exact small. If you want a good piece of advice : wake up early and run!

There are junipers, mediterranean pine-trees and a variety of bushes that surrounded this beach.

If you get over "La spiaggia del morto", there is a beach called "Campana" (Bell). It's renowned because of its sand dunes.

After a small rocky promontory there is the biggest and the most beautiful beach of the south-west coast of Sardinia that is called  "Su Giudeu" (The Judean). This beach is also knowed with the name of "S'Acqua Dulci" (The sweet water) ......

There aren't adjectives to explain its brightness and a lot of films & spots were shooted here. There are some bathing establishments on the beach.

There is a pond near the beach of Su Giudeu, there are many flamingoes here in summer.

A promontory of granite separate the beach from "Cala Cipolla", a small and very beautiful cove with pine-trees and junipers. It can be reached only on foot five minutes from the parking-place.


  Cala Cipolla

It's a small cove with a distinctive beach and its water is emerald-green.


If you go on foot twenty minutes from "Cala Cipolla" you can see the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento. The panorama is beautiful: Capo Malfatano,  Capo Teulada and the beaches of Chia...Try to believe! The silence of wind, the sea and you.....



  The lighthouse
In the promontory  of "Capo Spartivento" you can see the coast from Chia to Capo Teulada.

  The lighthouse  



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