Bithia = Chia

In a great deal of old maps you will find the writing "Bithia" in place of Chia.

Bithia is the ancient name of Chia! It was built between the VII and the IV century B.C.

Some remains of the old town  are in Cardolinu's islet and others remains were found in  surroundings of the tower and under the sea.

Is very difficult to find some ancient remains actually , because there are few of them and the vegetation cover them.

A lot of this ancient remains are in the museum of Cagliari.

There is a Museum in Domus de Maria too, it's  very interesting,take a look!


Museum of Domus de Maria - Tower of Chia. Statuettes of   men and women. III and II century B.C.



Museum of Domus de    Maria - Tower of Chia.  Vessel with a shape of fiask,   it's called "pilgrim's fiask".  VI century B. C. Examples of ordinary ceramic. Remains found at Chia, I  and II century B.C. Tower of Chia, necropolis. Ritual candelabrum wirh seven little arms and with an aries head. .VII century B.C.

Museum of Domus de Maria - Remains of Bithia.

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