Domus de Maria 

The town was built in '700th century by Scolopi. It's 66 meters above sea-level, its territory is about 97 Kmq and its coast is about 9 Km. It's on Monte Cccuru and is surrounded by mountains (max height 979 mt. of Punta Sebera). The inhabitants,Mariesi, are about 1500.


Domus de Maria  is very important because of its coasts,that are known in all Europe, and because of its mountains.

The mountains

In about 10 minutes by car you can live the beautiful beaches of Chia and you can go on the granite mountains of Domus de Maria (900 mt). There are  holm-oaks, strawberry-trees, heather and  sardinian deer, fallow-deer, wild boars.


There is the biggest holm-oaks forest of Europe on the Northern side. There are also eucalyptus forest and pine-trees. There are myrthles and mastic trees in the undergrowth. If you go on for 6 Km, you can reach the "Sa Mitza e s'Orcu" agritourism.



Is Cannoneris

Go on for 8 Km (the last 2 km are not asphalted) and you will reach the forester's property of Is Cannoneris 742 mt. If you are lucky, you can see sardinian deer and fallw-deer in here.  There is a picnic area.    


Punta Sebera

After others 4 Km you can reach Punta Sebera, the highest point of the mountain (979 meters). The panorama is beautiful and, if the sky is clear, you can see Cagliari,  Villasimius on the east and Carloforte island on the west.


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