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Chia is a small seaside resort so the abitations are in the country or  on the coasts. To find your desired beach use the interactive map.

         The map

Chia is a small seaside resort that belongs to the town concil of  Domus de Maria  in province of Cagliari SARDINIA ITALY.

It can be reached from the country town in fourty minutes by car following the trunk road 195 for Teulada, the road signs will help you.

The coasts are wet by a limpid sea with colours like intense azure or emerald green ,this made Chia one of the most famous seaside resort of Sardinia. The nature is still uncontaminated, it also alternates  high and rocky promontories with low and sandy shores. To know its beauties....

Let's start our tour from the east to the west


The first islet that we meet is  "Su Cardolinu",that is connected to the beach by a sand strip, it's famous because of archeological excavation that allowed to discover a  Tophet  (an altar) of ancient city Bithia. An other name of this islet is  "Isula Manna".

You can reach the beach of Isula Manna only if you go on foot ,take a look to the map!

Go along the coast and you will find a small bay that is also knowed as "Il Porticciolo" ("old little seaport",because of the fishermen used to go there for their work many years ago).







The tower's promontory gives a breathless panorama and  separates "Il Porticciolo" from another beautiful beach .....         

... named "Sa Colonia" that stretches for about 1 Km to its end called " Monte Cogoni".


In the middle of the beach,behind the strand, it's possible to visit some graves of the ancient Bithia.

  The tower

The tower has Spanish origins and it dates back to the 17th century. It's the symbol of Chia and it's possible to see it from every beach. The tower is lighted at night and this sight is very evocative.             The tower

  ◊  Panorama

The tower's promontory is one of the most panoramic places of Chia. If you  live your cars in the Porticciolo's parking you can reach it going on foot  in obout five minutes. You can see the lighthouse of Spartivento from here.

       Il panorama


The pond of Chia is on the west. Pink flamingoes, herons, coots and cormorants can be seen here in spring.

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  The pond

The pond of Chia is a good sight particularly in spring and summer when there are  pink flamingoes, herons, coots and cormorants.



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