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There are 2 Km from Chia to Perdalonga, it's often unknown by toutists because of its difficult access. You will find a cross-road on the left to Perdalonga before Tuerredda on the road to Teulada, the road is closed by a private gate, but you can go on foot along a little path, go on to about 100 meters and you reach the beach. The colours of the sea are like Tuerredda's colours but the sand is more coarse than the sand of Tuerredda. Perdalonga is  a very wild place, ther are lentisks and myrtles.

If you go on the left of the path you will reach an other beautiful little beach called "Cala Antonarieddu" , here the sea is very clear, take a look at this beach is very beautiful! Look also at the photos.


Park in the little places on the sides of the road to reach the two beaches of Perdalonga, but remember:  don't park out to the white line!

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