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If you go on the street to Teulada, 3 Km. to Chia, you can see "Tuerredda" with its beautiful inlet and its green or azure transparent waters! The beach is white and it's about 600 meters long. There is a small island, called "Tuerredda", and you can reach it to swim. Thanks to its morphology the beach is sheltered from the wind (mistral).

The tourist magazines classify the beach of "Tuerredda" among the 10 most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.


"Tuerredda" belongs to the town council of Teulada,but it's about 3 Km to Chia. If you arrive at Chia, you can follw the road signs to reach the beach. When the cross-road of Perdalonga is on your back, you can see the admittance of "Tuerredda" on your left.

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